Terrariums by Ron

Arches in Stained Glass
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Kaliedoscope Terrarium "Kaleidoscope Terrarium"
18" x 10" x 20" High
$500 Plus Shipping
The Kaleidoscope terrarium is an undulating arch design, with a removable Kaleidoscope placed in the center valley, repeating, and complimenting the circular ornamentation in the vertical columns. This terrarium invites the viewer to interact with it. For that reason, it attracts a lot of attention.

You can view the operation of these hinged round doors at:
Round Door Animation

Triple Arches

Any of these triple arches can be designed to suit your decor, here are a couple of options. You can design your own using variations on these themes.

Triple Arch Terrarium
18" x 8" x 18" High
$480 Plus Shipping
Triple Arches Terrarium

Blue Arches Terrarium
"Fair Haven"
Triple Arch Terrarium
18" x 8" x 18" High
$375 Plus Shipping

Spiral Tower Terrarium

           A truly unique terrarium. One day, while looking at some of my arched terrariums, I thought about turning the arch on it's side, and this desgin was created. It was fun to do, but very complicated to layout, some of my neatest pieces are that way.
          I could experiment with different sizes, but the difficulty and complexity of this design would make it expensive.

"Spiral Tower "
24" x 6" x 18" High
spiral.jpg - 10.23 K

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