Stained Glass Flower Vase
Terrariums by Ron

Bloomers Bud Vase
Bloomers Bud Vase

          Most houseplants don't flower. Now you can put cut flowers in your houseplants in these decorative vases. Each glass vase is topped with a sculpted brass collar and flower, either an Antique Orchid, or a Shiny Brass Sunflower.

          Brighten up your indoor gardens with flowers year round.... It's very good for their self-esteem. I'm in the process of trying to convince Dr. Phil to do a show about Houseplant Self Esteem, the world will be better for it!

Approximatly 7" (11" to end of brass rod)
Flowers approximately 3" across $8.50 each
(Order 4 and the shipping is free.)

          The 7" tall flower vase is attached to a long brass rod which allows it to be pushed into the soil. Hand made with brass and glass, nothing will rust.
          These can also be used outdoors in patio plants or garden.

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