Dragonfly Flower Vase
Terrariums by Ron

Stained Glass Flower Vase           The legend of the Dragonfly tells of its role as a spirit guide. Many tales tell of people, troubled with inner conflicts and doubts, being guided, and helped by dragonflies.
          The most important instrument to have, the dragonfly teaches, is a flower. Nature puts them out there for us to find. A flower brings joy and love to your heart, and makes it strong.
           Whenever you feel disconnected, find a flower. It will connect you.
~ To the Earth, and
~ To Yourself

          The Dragonfly vase has a small glass tube permanently attached to a wire ring along with a stained glass circle, in the color of your choice, containing a tinned brass dragonfly. There is a wire ring at the top for hanging. The glass used is transparent, so this vase is more suited for hanging in a window, holding a small bouquet of fresh cut flowers. It does not look as good on a on a wall. .
          Made in the Tiffany tradition, these vases make unique additions to your home or office decor, and for small gifts for hostesses, teachers, employees, or co-workers.

Approximatly 5 1/2"
$15 each (Order 4 and the shipping is free.)
Dragonfly Legend included

I take pride in my work and guarantee your satisfaction, or return it for refund
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