Night Blooming Cereus / Orchid Cactus

Night Blooming Cereus
A garden delight: The Night Blooming Cereus
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          Several times every summer my Night Blooming Cereus treats me to a sensory delight.

          This is the mysterious "Flower of the Night". These exotic flowers, some as big around as a dinner plate, open only in the dark of the night. Each flower opens only once, and closes before the sun comes up, never to be seen again. It's enchanting fragrance, it is said, has the power steal your soul.

Orchid Cactus
A garden delight: The Orchid Cactus
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          Starting in late Winter, and continueing ino early Spring, this cactus presents me with a series of bright flowers, as if to remind me that the chill of winter will soon give way to sun and warmth, and growing things. I look forward to seeing the first of the buds form, and watch as the little fuzzy growths swell and start to blush .....slowly opening, one after another.