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"Mirror Backed Terrariums"
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"Mirror Back Terrarium"
12" wide x 16" High x 5" Deep
$140 Plus Shipping

Blue Iridescent Glass
Mirror Back Terrarium

Mother of Pearl Glass
Mirror Back Terrarium
     This terrarium hangs on a wall or sits on a table. It has a mirrored back which reflects the plants and front of the terrarium which gives the illusion of greater depth. When hung on a wall it actually looks built in to the wall.

     The hanger reaches all the way down the back, and hooks into the bottom for extra strength. There is a reenforcing rod along the top edge that holds the hanger firmly in place.
     The round door is hinged, and has a sliding latch to keep it closed. you can see a demonstration of a round door in this Animation
Light Green Iridescent Glass
Mirror Back Terrarium


Standard Colors
Dk or Lt Blue / Dk or Lt Green / Pink / Wheat / Rust / Lt Purple / Dk Purple / White / Black / Green+Blue
Iridescent Colors
Med. Blue / Lt Blue / Grey / Pearl / Pink /Lt Green / Peach / Purple

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