"Terrarium Tables"

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Snake in Terrarium

Will the person who requested info about a table terrarium for their snake, please contact me again, as somehow that contact disappeared before I could save it.
     This "Classic" table measures 16" diameter, with a 24" tempered glass top, and is 18" tall. Each side has a diamond shaped glass bevel inlaid in the center.

$600 ( plus shipping ).
Rainforest green glass
Terrarium Table

Iridescent blue glass
Terrarium Table
     This "Filigree" table is the same size as the above one, but is a simpler design. It has a wire filigree ornamentation on the inside of each side.

$500 ( plus shipping )

     The "Diamond" terrarium table was originally designed as a pair of pedestals supporting a 20" x 40" coffee table ( Seen below), or as two seperate tables. This is one of a special order pair that stands 20" high, and is 17" long x 14" wide. Although this one is displayed with a round top, it was ordered with a 16" x 20" rectangular top.

$550 ( plus shipping )
Rainbow glass
Table Terrarium

Iridescent light green glass
Terrarium Table
     Another "Classic" table design, but this one has opalescent glass ( solid ) in the base, and cathedral glass ( transparent ) glass in the upper panels.

$550 ( plus shipping )

     This coffee table has a tempered glass top thet measures 20" x 40", that rests on twin diamond shaped terrariums that measure 14' x 17" x 16" high. Write for information on different sizes or designs.

$1200 ( plus shipping )
Twin Pedestal Coffee Table
Terrarium Table

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