Special Orders

          Because each terrarium is hand made by me, I have to schedule orders as they come in. Frequently the list is long, and the piece won't be finished in time, and will have to arrive later then the intended date.
          One suggestion, that a number of my customers have taken, is to print out a picture of the terrarium that is ordered, and include it in a card with a message such as:

          We ( I ) want to get you a special gift. So, a terrarium is being made especially for you by a stained glass artist. His unique work is custom made and in great demand, so he has to schedule each order. Your terrarium is on order, but will not be done in time. It's always hard to wait, but your patience will be rewarded when it arrives.

          In a way, the gift becomes more special when the person sees that it is being made just for them. Of course you can put it in your own words if you like.

                                        Thank You.....Ron

Terrariums by Ron