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Off to Alaska .....Western Trip 2007

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Off to Alaska

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          This trip back io Bellingham may be uneventful and in that case you won't find much here. However, perhaps we'll come across some whales, or other such wildlife.

It's 1:50 PM, Sunday June 3rd, and I'm on the ferry waiting for a 3PM departure.

Leaving Ketchikan with plenty of snow on the 4000 ft Mtn above it.

snow. - 53.45 K

          Monday Morning...... I woke up as it was getting light, to a dreary wet rainy day, and the ship was rocking and rolling. I concluded that we had reached that stretch of open water at about the halfway point. I didn't see any reason to get up just to stumble about trying to keep my balance, so I decided to stay in bed until it quited down. About an hour later it did, so I freshened up and went to have breakfast. The days are longer up here, it didn't get dark until around 10 PM last night.
          With the rain coming in last night, a lot of the folks sleeping in the Solarium got wet as the front is open, so this morming there are many more people sleeping in the lounge, and lots of clothes and gear laid out on the seat backs to dry. This weather seems to be typicalk for this are, so I was warned. However, my whole trip up, and my stay in Ketchikan was warm and sunny.... I guess I was very lucky!
          7:30 PM, Earlier today we did sight a small pod of killer whales, and one humpback whale, but they were too far off to get any decent pictures. The trip South has been rainy, dreary. Fitting, I suppose to the end of this trip, as I do want it to be over, and can't wait to get behind the wheel, and move on down the line. I'm planning to go to Olypic National Park in the morning (125mile drive?) and then on to Mt St Helens.
          Wednesday, I plan to hit Crater Lake in Oregon, and then head on down to the California coast to see the redwoods.

6AM Tuesdat June 5th.... Landing in Bellingham WA in one hour plan to head south to Olympia WA immediatly. TTYL.... Ron